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Boarding Experience

Pet Boarding

Preparing Your Pet for the Boarding Experience

The Dog House Pet Resort wants to make pet boarding easy for you and your animals! To prepare a pet for boarding later in life, our team recommends that you board your pet for short, frequent trips while he or she is young. 

Dear Boarding Clients

The below list of items are those we ACCEPT at boarding check in:

1. Food, canned or dry (dry needs to be pre-measured AND bagged per meal)
2. Treats
3. 1 - 2 favorite toys (max)
4. Formed bed(s)
5. Medications (Please DO NOT put meds in the food or pill pockets)

We DO NOT accept:

1.  Sofa/bed pillows OR blankets (we provide our blankets for all pets)
2. Clothing items
3. Collars/leashes/harnesses 
(unless someone other than the client is picking up)
4. Food AND/OR water bowls (we use our stainless steel utensils)

NOTE:  We DO NOT feed foods that are unsafe for pets according to the American Veterinarian Association. They include, but are not limited to:

*Cooked bones (ESPECIALLY chicken bones)
If your pet is older and has no boarding experience, we suggest limiting his or her stay to 1-2 days before planning any extended stay. We can pamper your pet while he or she stays with us! With playtimes, walks in the park, and tons of TLC, your pet will become more at ease through interactions with our caretakers. Your dog or cat will love the personal attention given to them by our staff!

Count on our 27 years of experience to make your pet's stay at our resort a pleasant, restful, and enjoyable experience.

Give Your Dog or Cat The Best Boarding Experience

Your dogs will live the high life while staying at The Dog House Pet Resort! This isn't a typical kenneling experience; your dog will lounge in individual, climate-controlled suites or apartments for enhanced comfort! Plus, our facility features insulated flooring and walls which help keep your pup cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

And for the health, safety, and comfort of our elderly and "special needs" canine guests, orthopedic padding is provided for upgraded comfort. All dogs are taken outside throughout the day. With large, individually fenced enclosures, your dog will be totally free to run and play. These outdoor runs give your dog tons of room to stretch, roll, and frolic!

In cases of inclement weather, your dog will receive his or her exercise indoors. Otherwise, your pup will have full access to our large outdoor play areas for hours of running and napping.
Pet's Medications

Caring for Cats as Well as Canines

Got feline friends? They'll be equally pampered at The Dog House Pet Resort! Your cat will love lying about in our oversized apartments, which come complete with resting benches for snooze sessions! 

Our apartments are both temperature and ventilation controlled for your cats' health and comfort. Each cat enjoys private time, relaxation, and playtime in front of our television (which is constantly tuned to Animal Planet, of course!)
Pet's Medications

Preparing Your Pet's Medications for Boarding

The Dog House Pet Resort will continue with your pet's medications during his or her stay with us in accordance with your instructions. All medications must be brought to our facility with your pet in sufficient quantity to last for the duration of your pet's stay with us. 

There will be an additional charge for medication in case your pet becomes ill during his or her stay at our facility. Your pet WILL be given prompt medication care by our on-call veterinarian (or your veterinarian if the arrangement is feasible). 

A $30 (min.) fee will be charged to take your pet(s) to the veterinary hospital. You will be responsible for this fee and all fees for treatment and you will have to be paid in full prior to the release of your pet. In the case of a serious pet illness, you'll be notified as soon as possible.

In addition, The Dog House Pet Resort requires proof of the following current vaccinations: Dogs: rabies, DHLP, and Bordetella (kennel cough) every 6 months or 1 year accepted; Cats: rabies, FVRC-P, and feline leukemia (annual).  These vaccine records are requested for preventative health care as well as the protection of all our pet guests and staff.

Got questions? Contact our team for details! Call today at 770-253-7234 or visit us at 22 Jefferson Place Newnan, GA 30263.
Pet's Bedding

Should You Bring Your Pet's Bedding and Toys?

The Dog House Pet Resort makes bedding available to all of our pet guests. If you feel more comfortable bringing your pet's favorite pillow or bed, that is acceptable. Please note that the item may get torn or soiled during your pet's visit to our resort. No additional blankets, please.

You're invited to bring toys, balls, bones, and other goodies from home, or to purchase them from our retail items area if forgotten. Please bear in mind that these toys will be tossed around by excited pets. While The Dog House Pet Resort will do our best to keep each pet's toys assigned to their proper owner, toys can occasionally get misplaced or mixed up.

The Dog House Pet Resort is not responsible for the loss or destruction of any of these items. These items are only encouraged to help your pet feel more at home during his or her stay in our pet boarding facility.

Pamper Your Pet with Styling and a Bath

You must bring your pets to The Dog House Pet Resort free from fleas. Otherwise, your pet will be bathed immediately at your expense. You may also schedule a bath or trim prior to picking your pet up. Your grooming service will be provided by one of the professional groomers on our staff.

Additional pet care treatments, such as flea treatments, fur dematting, and medicated baths are offered by our grooming staff. Just some of our other grooming services include nail trimming and teeth brushing. 

Book your appointments with The Dog House Pet Resort in advance so that we can better accommodate your busy schedule.
Save Your Spot
Reservations are not required but are recommended around holidays and summer vacation. Early reservations ensure your pet gets a suite!
"I just picked up my dog Saber from The Dog House and I am always amazed on how clean and fresh it smells every time I walk in. The staff is very trustworthy and friendly and happy to see saber and hates to see him leave. I never worry about leaving Saber when I go off on vacation. He is always well taken care of and seems to love staying there. I would never leave him anywhere else because in the past I have had bad experiences with other kennels and he seemed depressed when I got him home. I would recommend The Dog House to everybody."

- Alice L. Kirby, 5-Star Review via Facebook

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